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A Reliable Vacation Rental Linen or towel Supply Company Is Often Difficult To Find!

Vacation Rental Linen and Towel Service

It’s no secret that one of the key factors that contribute to the success of a vacation rentall business or a hospitality business is presentation and image. This fact just escalates the importance of a good, reliable, professional linen services company for this industry. VRM's or hospitality companies cannot risk being found with dirty or smelly linens.

Why Hire A Quality Hotel Linen Service Company?

Some big hotel chains opt to keep the job and the manpower to themselves; it works for some, but for others – especially the smaller companies – it often does not. Keeping the linens concerns within the hotel management means having to hire additional manpower to do the different processes that come with it – sorting, washing, drying, pressing, and sorting again for distribution. Only logically, additional manpower could only mean additional managers and additional training for these extra workers. This would also require hotel and motel management to invest in heavy duty washers, dryers, and irons.

By hiring a professional hotel linen service, all they ever have to do is sign a contract, define the specifications, and agree on a regular pickup and delivery schedule for their linens and voila! The job is done. They don’t have to train anyone, they don’t have to spend anything on the machinery, and they don’t have to learn the do’s and don’ts of proper handling of their linen materials.

There is also another obvious advantage of hiring a professional company for hotel linens: expertise. These linens, no matter how seemingly simple and basic they are, cost money. The better and higher quality they come in, the more complex their care and washing needs are. That is why it is very important that the people who handle them regularly know these special care instructions, not only to avoid damaging the linens but also to keep them looking great for a much longer period. Now that’s a great way of making sure they get their money’s worth.

Why Use M.N.C. as your Hotel Linen or Towel Service Company?
  • We do NOT make you sign a super long contract. In fact, we will do your first load FREE so you can get a taste of what working with us is like. 

  • We don’t just do laundry; we do laundry the right way. We understand how linens work, the different needs of different kinds of fabrics and how to handle them.

  • We  have been in business for 12  years have perfected the art and science of keeping our clients happy; that is why most of our clients are regulars. We are local and can supply you with any emergency orders you might have.

  • We can clean your own goods or we can rent your our supply. 

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